Actual news of company WATTS

Thermostatic valves with fix Kv setting, series 378TRV, 379TRV, 1378TRV, 1379TRV, and those with variable Kv setting, series 388TRV, 389TRV, 1388TRV, 1389TRV are used as shut-off and control devices for heat emitters (radiators, fan coils, radiant panels, etc.) in heating and air-conditioning systems. TRV thermostatic valves series are available in angle body and straight body configurations, with male or female thread and should be installed on the supply pipe of the heat emitter. Connection to the heat emitter is through an O-RING sealed straight tailpiece with use of a socket head wrench. In combination with thermostatic or thermoelectric/electronic actuators, the new WATTS TRV valves with variable Kv enable precise balancing of the hydraulic system, which results in cost savings. Pre-setting of the valve Kv is done by turning a ring under the handwheel in order to limit flow passage. The adjustement can be simply made by hand without a tool. Six pre-set positions ( 1 to N ) are available for the setting of the correct valve Kv.