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Luxury living delivered by Watts products

United Kingdom
Luxury residences and lifestyles demand carefully selected products precisely tailored to customers’ preferences. From grand mansions to high-end penthouses, these properties are characterised by their individual design and the use of premium products as part of their construction. Watts products are key in delivering luxury living at a new development in the UK.
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Working together to optimise logistics to reduce carbon emissions

At Watts, we engage in business practices that reflect our values and advance our efforts to promote an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable future. We are committed to minimising the impact of our operations and supply chain on the environment, protecting the communities where we operate, and innovative products and services that support our customers in doing the same.
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Delivering excellent water quality for the safe transportation of live fish

Whether it’s a small boat or a large vessel, the global fish industry relies on the safe and humane transportation of fish to ensure that it arrives at the destination port in the best condition. For this project, Watts supplied bare shafted butterfly valves and check valves to control the waterflow in the ship’s live fish carrier tanks.
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Water distribution of surface heating/cooling systems

France, Angliers

Issue :

The owners of a new
individual housing construction program wanted a surface heating/cooling
system. The heating/cooling water flow distribution and regulation must be done
through a stainless steel manifold.
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Microflex part of ambitious renovation at Calverley Old Hall

UK, West Yorkshire
Calverley Old Hall is an ancient manor that has been rescued by the Landmark Trust. Their sensitive restoration of this vulnerable property has been carried out in stages and to make the Old Hall more sustainable and environmentally friendly a ground source heat pump system will be delivering the heat to the building.
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e-ULTRAMIX in sports complex

France, Saint-Rémy de Provence
Issue :
Ensure automatic disinfection of hot water systems leading to communal showers.
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OneFlow w Miko Koffie Noord

The Netherlands, Gieten
Since its founding in 2002, Miko Koffie Noord has been working to provide a great cup of coffee for everyone in the Northern Netherlands. From the city of Gieten they do everything to make your coffee taste great every day. With their own technical department and an active sales team, they can put out a great product, in coffee, in equipment, in tea, tableware and more. Every day they make every effort to make your coffee breaks as enjoyable as possible. The technical specialists on their service team traverse the entire Northern Netherlands every day, ensuring timely maintenance of your coffee machines and quick resolution of any malfunctions.
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Ultramix for spa

France, Aix-en-Provence (13)
Perfect temperature and flow: Spa Thermes Sextius
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Balancing valve iDroset Mediatheque de Vendin le vieil

France, Vendin le Vieil
General balancing of the heating network on all equipment
(floor heating, air treatment central system)
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Huntingdon Community Hall

UK, Huntingdon
Huntingdon Community Hall is a £1 million investment in a state-of-the-art community facility featuring a brand-new community library featuring the latest IT equipment, multi-changing rooms, several large function rooms, and a modern kitchen.
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